If you’d like to attain great success in life, you need to begin with a strong outlook. When people ask me for self development tips, the first thing I tell them is to get tough. The most successful people throughout time all have a positive mental position. With the right outlook, nothing else really matters much. Start looking at things through a pair of positive eyes. You don’t need to see things how they are, you can make them better in your mind. Focus is something that many people lack.

People get energized about a project, we work on it for a short while and then we totally lose interest and focus after a little while. The key to gaining massive success is driving through those times when we don’t really want to do anything. To make that phone call, when we are not in the mood to follow up. We form habits and habits form futures. Your bad habits are killing you. You need to make a habit of performing small progressive things every single day. Life is about doing small things every day. Little things add up after time. Become acutely aware of your lousy habits.

Get a tough attitude. Take a strong stance that you’re not going to get down. Economic depression is for those who don’t have the vision and energy to shake things up. There’s actually never really been a better time to open a business. There are plenty of business doing well now. Seek out ways to make big dollars in and go for it. Never quit until you get what you wan