An important aspect of your online business is being able to cope with the many challenges that you will encounter.  When you start online, you may not have that positive attitude and belief to be able to deal with the disappointments.  This is where self development comes in.

Self development should be ongoing in your business, you can never learn too much.  You should be striving to learning new things, developing your skills and knowledge.

Here are some helpful tips that you can put into your business.

o    Books – You want to start investing in your future by reading self development books.  All successful people read these books because they seek new ways on improving themselves.  These books can give you ideas, inspiration and belief.  Whatever you are lacking in business knowledge you can learn from books.

o    Create a library – Start building yourself a library.  What is good idea is to buy a book a month which will slowly build up your collection.  However, a common error is to read it once and let the dust settle on it, never to pick up that book again!  When you read a book you only retain a small percentage, so it makes sense to read it again.

o    Audio – We all love listening to music, it can be a great motivator to get you pumped up just when we need it.  However, when we are on the move it is an ideal time to pick up useful innovative ideas and new skills.

Self development doesn’t need to take huge chunks of your day.  Reading for half an hour just before you go to sleep is a method that I would recommend.