Having confidence in your performance is a big advantage for getting ahead in life. This article offers some tips on improving your confidence.

Self confidence is a bit of a misnomer. If you were to say that you are self confidence you would be saying you are able to do everything well. It is not logical to rate a person as a whole but more rational to rate aspects of their performance e.g. social, academic etc.

It is not good to rate yourself by your performance but better to use your performance to improve in your abilities. Your performance can help you reach your targets instead of avoiding them.

If there is something that you are interested in, focus on it and work at improving your performance, even if your performance is weak to begin with.

Your confidence will grow because you are making an attempt to learn and improve, the achievement is not so important. Practicing makes improvements and this will positively affect your confidence.

What are the key elements of performance confidence?

1) See the long term benefits rather than concentrating on short term achievements.

2) Keep your expectations realistic. Do not aim for perfection, improvement is sufficient.

3) Take small steps rather than giant leaps. Do not give up but preserver.

4) Learn from experiences. Practice helps you to learn from your mistakes. Through experience you can make necessary changes.

5) Give yourself positive reinforcement for your successes. Reward your achievements with positive self talk.

The long term goal can is to have self-acceptance no matter what. Once you have this you no longer need to rely on others acceptance because you accept yourself as you are. You no longer judge yourself but consistently strive to do the best that you can without making unrealistic demands on yourself.